Pritchard Safari 2018
Pritchard Safari 2018
  • Pritchard Safari, may you rest in peace and may your qualities of love, dedication and humour continue in us as we take forward your work.

JENNI BARR writes:

As I bring this tribute together, yesterday was Christmas Day 2023 and it was strange not to receive a greeting from Pritchard Safari.  Since 2005, the very start of the Dunblane Likhubula Partnership, he has been a faithful communicator, leader and friend, committed to linking the two communities for their mutual benefit.  He is sorely missed and our hearts go out to his family, friends and colleagues in their loss.

Our first visit to Likhubula took place in June 2005.  Brigitte, Jonathan and I arrived a little uncertain about what to expect, but Pritchard Safari took us under his wing.  Although busy as Depute Head Teacher at Nansato Primary School, he hosted a number of meetings to introduce us, gatherings that filled the building, produced lively discussion and helped greatly to move things forward.

From the outset he was active on the Likhubula Committee and when a new committee was elected in 2010, he was the popular choice for Chairperson.  Janine Mitchell’s tribute highlights the qualities that have defined his contribution over so many years.

In time he became Depute Head Teacher of Pasani School, still teaching classes often into the hundreds. Tributes from fellow teachers Fiona Anderson, Brigitte Beck-Worner and Ann Hale highlight his credentials as an outstanding educator.

It should not be a surprise that these these attributes drew the leaders of the Boys’ Brigade in Dunblane (working with Classrooms for Malawi) to select Pasani School with Pritchard Safari as one of the links for building/refurbishing and decorating school classrooms in 2016.  In his tribute, Colin Anderson outlines the reasons that led Project Malawi to return in 2019.

In 2018 the opportunity came for Pritchard and two colleagues from the Likhubula Committee to come to Dunblane, a visit that greatly benefitted us in Scotland.  In the tributes there are observations from those who hosted Pritchard in Scotland (each of them also met him in Malawi).  These are the tributes from Stuart Brown, Paul and Vanda Christmas and (in 2016) teenagers Matthew and Louise Anderson.

Finally, as you read the tributes - all written separately - you may be struck by similarities in the impact he has made on us.  Maybe it will be Pritchard’s smile and that resounding, infectious laugh that will prove to be his strongest legacy.

Certainly, our shock was palpable as we learned of his untimely death and it continued as we ‘travelled’ with the community at Likhubula during those final days.

Pritchard Safari, may you rest in peace and may your qualities of love, dedication and humour continue in us as we take forward your work.


I have a very vivid memory of Mr Safari’s class in the school. He copied out the children’s timetable for us with great care, fully aware that it was an aspirational document. Teaching a large class with very few resources (no maps or books) he gave the children the best possible education. Jonathan enjoyed teaching arithmetic.

The picture was taken in the church, we don’t know the child’s connection or name. Pritchard will be sorely missed.

JANINE writes:

The wonderful Pritchard Safari (Likhubula Chairman) who so suddenly passed away in September encompassed for me what it is to be a great leader.  He was a man steeped in enthusiasm for education and the development of his school and community, with a ready, resounding and contagious laugh, the brightest and most welcoming of smiles and a true love and respect for people. He never overshadowed a meeting, he made sure everyone at the table was included, and he respected the opinion of each member of his community regardless of age, education or position. I am so glad I got to meet this extraordinary man and I know that his loss will be felt deeply for years to come.


Nelson Mandela once said “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.”  For the Anderson family, we believe that our friend and brother Pritchard Safari, embodied and indeed embraced these words both in all that he did for the community of Likhubula and here in Scotland.

We all have special memories of Pritchard.  For Fiona, Pritchard’s role as Chairperson of the Dunblane Partnership was her first introduction to his strong leadership and vision.  When she had the opportunity to visit Likhubula in 2013, 2016 and 2018 she got to meet Pritchard in person and share in his excellent sense of humour, strong leadership at Pasani and his role as community leader, husband and father.   She will never forget his insatiable laugh and true kindness.  As a teacher herself, Fiona enjoyed learning about the Malawian education system from Pritchard and had full respect for his role in leading Pasani Primary School as Depute Head Teacher whilst teaching classes with students literally in the hundreds. Fiona loved introducing Pritchard to her friends in Dunblane when he visited.  Many laughs were shared around the kitchen table particularly as Fiona managed to overcook the porridge a couple of times. 

For Matthew and Louise, their first memories of Pritchard were during his visit to Dunblane when he stayed at their house.   They remember fondly his wonder and curiosity of Western culture and in particular his visit to Dunblane High School. Pritchard was fascinated by the choices on offer in the canteen and loved sitting amongst the pupils instead of in the staffroom.  Both Matthew and Louise also loved sharing time with Pritchard when they visited Malawi in 2016 and 2019. In particular when they spent hours building and painting classrooms at Pasani. 

For Colin, Pritchard was the main school contact for Project Malawi and ensured that whatever the Project was going to deliver, it was for the full benefit of learners and teachers in the schools. Pritchard worked with the Classrooms for Malawi representatives to specify the needs of better ventilation, flooring and light in the classrooms as well as proper, long-term drainage. He did all the hard work liaising with the builders even before we arrived with the team from Dunblane. Colin remembers his enthusiasm in the first project and it was this enthusiasm and appreciation that drove the BB’s to return to Pasani for a second time to build more classrooms. Although the boys themselves were only doing a bit of painting and brickwork, Pritchard repeatedly showed his appreciation to them all and treated them all with respect and great humour.

As a family, Pritchard made an everlasting impact on us as a family.  He taught us the true meaning of global citizenship and brotherhood.  We are forever grateful for this. 

ANN HALE writes:

I had the great pleasure of spending a morning in Mr Safari’s classroom and watching quality teaching and learning taking place in a crowded room with few resources, just a great teacher.  In Nansato and Pasani Primary Schools he was working at the heart of the Likhubula community and understood well the needs of the children and their families. During his visit to Dunblane in 2018 he was able to experience the lives of children and families here, to make new friends and seal the relationship between our two communities and committees.

As a leader, friend, colleague and partner he will be greatly missed.  It was a privilege to know this committed and caring man both as a fellow teacher and as Chairman of our Partnership Committee in Likhubula. Rest in peace, Pritchard. We will miss your intelligent and resourceful leadership and your warm personality.

STUART writes:

I considered Safari a friend. He supported and encouraged me both in Likhubula and when he stayed with me in Dunblane. He understood how to make the Partnership work and was a steady presence throughout. My lasting memory will be our day in St Andrews on the west beach. A thoroughly joyful day

PAUL and VANDA write:

It is with great sadness and shock that Vanda and I learned of the passing of Prichard Safari.
He will be greatly missed by so many people both in Malawi and Scotland, Vanda and I being among them.
He tireless work, determination, enthusiasm and good humour with the Likhubula partnership over the years undoubtably contributed to its success.
He will be greatly missed.
We pass on our sincere condolences to Prichard’s family and the wider community at this time, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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